Rassul blanch, Rassul in very fine powder form, especially for face masks

Natural Rassul in lumps up to fist size

For resellers and bulk traders
Rassul (Rhassul)

Rassul is a mineral which can be found in Morocco. For ages it was used a kind of natural shampoo. In addition the people in Morocco believe that it supports the growth of the hair.

Rassul is also used for skin cleaning and face mask because the skin feels smooth and soft after using Rassul with water.

Rassul can be used from all kind of skin types and is especially recommended for people with dry skin and for people who are allergic against chemicals ingredients inside conventional soaps. Rassul is the traditional skin care of the berber women.

Rassul can be stored under dry conditions for many years.


We offer Rassul in four different kind:

Natural Rassul
Naturar Rassul in lumps up to fist size.:
price: 7,00 Euro/kg

Rassul enriched with herbs in small lumps:
price: 8,00 Euro/kg
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Rassul Blanch:
Rassul blanch, the fine powder white Rassul

price: 24,00 Euro/kg
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Rassul in 100 g packings
Fine Rassul for face masks. Packed in 100 g package with French and Arabic language. Minimum order quantity 10 packages.

price: 3,90 Euro/package
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